GFA Online Event

Consortium member Gerhard Penn will be speaking about his research on the Viennese guitarist Leonard Schulz (1813–1860) for the Guitar Foundation of America on June 26 at 12 noon, US Eastern Time. The event is online and includes five presenters and topics. Registration is required; all the details of the event, including schedule, abstracts, and biographies of the presenters are here.

Recent Publications by Damián Martín-Gil and Luis Briso de Montiano

Two new articles by members of the Consortium published in the Spanish Journal Roseta.

Briso de Montiano, Luis, ‘Dionisio Aguado – Los escritos a Santiago de Masarnau’, Roseta 16 (2021-22), 6-41

Martín-Gil, Damián, ‘El certificado de matrimonio de Fernando Sor (Granada, 1812)’, Roseta 16 (2021-22), 42-55

Download here:

http://www.sociedadespañ ‘

A New Complete Edition of the Guitar Music of Fernando Sor

Our Founder Member Erik Stenstadvold has now released a new critical edition of Fernando Sor’s collected guitar music, published by Guitar Heritage (

This edition, in 14 volumes, is based on the latest research into Sor’s composing and publishing activity. New knowledge about the various early versions of his music has resulted in this edition, in many cases, being modelled on different sources than those used by other modern editors. A thorough General Introduction to the music and a full critical apparatus are provided to each volume. There are also abundant notes on the individual pieces, frequently with suggestions for the performance of ornaments and other interpretative matters. Notation has been standardized to conform to modern practices with high-quality engraving. A discreet (and easily distinguishable) editorial fingering has been added as a service to guitar players of today.

Annual Research Prize

The Consortium for Guitar Research at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, is offering an annual Research Prize of £200 for original research into the history of the guitar, or closely related plucked instruments, during the period 1540–1940. Entries from scholars, performers, instrument makers and collectors are invited. The research must be previously unpublished and may take the form of an article (maximum length 5000 words) or any other form which the competitor finds useful for the best presentation of new facts, thoughts or findings. The judges would welcome (but do not insist upon) the inclusion of photographs, diagrams, images, and short audio or audiovisual recordings. A complete video presentation (not exceeding fifteen minutes in length) may be presented instead of formal written work, perhaps submitted as an unlisted link on YouTube or Vimeo. Other solutions may be possible. (NOTE: Videos of performances must include a substantial element of explication or commentary.)
Submissions must be in English, and all candidates whose native tongue is not English are asked to ensure that their text is checked by a native speaker of English. The opening date for submissions is 15 June 2022; the closing date is 5pm, 15 August 2022. The winning entry will be announced at the Consortium’s Business Meeting on 13 September 2022. The decision of the judges, drawn from members of the Consortium, is final. Submissions should be sent to accompanied by a short synopsis not exceeding 200 words. Entry is open to everyone (no age limit), except for full members of the Consortium (members of the Consortium’s Cohort wing may apply).