Book reviews

Christopher Page’s new monograph:  The Guitar in Tudor England: a social and musical history, was described as ‘impeccably conceived, comprehensively researched and exquisitely written’ by John Milsom in his book review ‘Tudor books and guitars’ in Early Music, May 2016.

A review of the same tome in the North American journal Soundboard Scholar read: ‘What Christopher Page has penned […] is an elegant amalgam of social history and musicology mainly in one country. He makes creative and meticulous use of a wealth of the available research materials, many of them unique to England. He writes with elegance and insight, and provides an exhaustive bibliography. For anyone interested in building a library on the history of the guitar, this should be the essential first volume.’ Richard Long, Soundboard Scholar Volume 2, 2016.

The Consortium has a Patron

We are  delighted to announce that Brian Whitehouse has agreed to become the patron of the Consortium.  Brian is director of the Classical Guitar Centre in Birmingham.  He has had a long teaching career, having held appointments in the music departments at many of England’s universities and colleges. Recent publications are The Ramirez Collection – History and Romance of the Spanish Guitar and The Tárrega-Leckie Guitar Manuscripts –  Lessons with the Maestro. Currently in preparation is a further book and recordings relevant to Tárrega and Dr Leckie.

Brian Whitehouse with Andres Segovia in 1986.

Brian Whitehouse with Andres Segovia in 1986.