All articles below can be found in Early Music (2018), 46 (1), see:

Paul Sparks, ‘Editorial’, Early Music (2018), 46 (1), 1.

Christopher Page, ‘Being a guitarist in late Georgian England’, Early Music (2018), 46 (1), 3–16.

Taro Takeuchi, ‘Rediscovering the Regency lute: a checklist of musical sources and extant instruments’, Early Music (2018), 46 (1), 17–34.

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Erik Stenstadvold, ‘Long or short? The appoggiatura in the early 19th-century guitar tradition, with special reference to the music of Fernando Sor’, Early Music (2018), 46 (1), 87-101.

Luis Briso de Montiano’s recent publications include:

Briso de Montiano, Luis, ‘Dionisio Aguado – Los escritos a Santiago de Masarnau’, Roseta 16 (2021-22), 6-41

Kenneth Sparr’s recent publications include:

Barthélemy Trille Labarre: Professeur de Guitare et Compositeur, Élève d’Haydn [Soundboard Scholar No. 4, 2018. pp. 17-34]

Catalogue of the Works of Barthélemy Trille Labarre [a supplement to the article on Barthélemy Trille Labarre in Soundboard Scholar No. 4, 2018. pp. 17-34]

Gerhard Penn’s recent publications include:

‘Mauro Giulianis Rückreise nach Italien im Jahr 1819 – Bekanntes und Neues’ in EGTA-D Journal issue 2, April 2017. The article is in German and can be downloaded here.

‘Matteo Bevilacqua (1768 – 1821) – Compositore, Chitarrista e Poeta’ in Il Fronimo no. 180 (2017). The article is in Italian.

‘Mauro Giuliani a Vienna: Nuovi Documenti’ in Il Fronimo no. 169 (2015),  Il Fronimo no. 170 (2015),  Il Fronimo no. 171 (2015). The articles are in Italian.

Erik Stenstadvold’s recent publications include:

‘A Newly Discovered Letter of 1827 by Fernando Sor’, Soundboard Scholar no. 3, 2017.

‘Mariano Castro de Gistau (d 1856) and the Vogue for the Spanish Guitar in Nineteenth-Century Britain’, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, 2017, 1–21 (online). Vol. 16 no. 2, 2019 (print).

‘Fernando Sor on the Move in the Early 1820s’, Soundboard Scholar no. 1, 2015.

‘Sor’s Guitar Music—a Fresh Start’, Soundboard Scholar no. 6, 2020.

Fernando Sor, The Collected Works for Guitar, 14 vols, Critical Edition. (Guitar Heritage, 2021)

Jelma van Amersfoort’s recent publications include:

‘Miss Sara Burgerhart’s English Guittar. The “guitarre Angloise” in Enlightenment Holland’, published in Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis in 2014. The article is in English.

Taro Takeuchi’s recent recordings include:

Lovely Nancy: 18th century guitar music to be released in May, 2015. A recording of music for harp-guitar/harp-lute and Geminiani Guittar Works is also planned for 2016-2017. Taro is currently writing A Tutor for the English Guittar for The Lute Society, and will be giving a a talk and performance in a lecture, ‘Dating old gut strings’ at the UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting in Glasgow, July 2015.

Brian Jeffery’s recent publications include:

‘Sor in trouble with the Inquisition 1803 to 1806’, Soundboard, Volume 38/3 (2012).

Damián Martín Gil’s recent publications include:

‘La partida de matrimonio de Fernando Sor (Granada, 1812)’, Roseta 16 (2021), 42-55

‘A Bibliographical Study of Periodicals for Voice and Guitar in Paris, 1758-1803’, Revue de Musicologie 107/2 (2021), 247-286

‘”The famous Vidal”: New Light on the Life and Works of a Guitarist in Late Eighteenth-Century France’, Eighteenth-Century Music 18.1 (2021), 123-149

‘Unravelling the Discussion entre les Carulistes et les Molinistes (Paris, 1828)’, Soundboard Scholar 6 (2020), 11-21; Re-published in Gendai Guitar Magazine, July 2022.

‘The Guitarist Behind la Guitaromanie: Charles de Marescot’, Soundboard Scholar 4 (2018), 4-16

Christopher Page’s recent publications include:

The Guitar in Tudor England: A Social and Musical History (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

The Guitar in Stuart England: A Social and Musical History (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

The Guitar in Georgian England: A Social and Musical History (Yale University Press, 2020)


Panagiotis Poulpoulos’ recent and forthcoming guitar-related publications include:

‘“A very mistaken identification”: The ‘Sultana’ or ‘Cither viol’, and its Links to the Bowed Psaltery, Viola d’Amore and Guittar’ (with R. Durkin, to be published in Early Music in 2016).

‘New Voices in Old Bodies: A Study of “Recycled” Musical Instruments’ (to
be published in Deutsches Museum Studies in  2016).

‘The Guitar as an “Open-air” Instrument in the Early Romantic Era’, in Soundboard Scholar 1 (2015), pp. 4-15.

‘Musik im Freien in der Zeit des Biedermeier: Die Beispiele der Orphica, der Gitarre und des Csakans’ in Phoibos: Zeitschrift für Zupfmusik 2015/1, Issue ‘Historische Aufführungspraxis II’ (2015), pp. 43-68.

Panagiotis Poulpoulos’ current guitar-related research topics:

• The Chanot-inspired guitar design by Francesco Molino
• Bowed guit(t)ars and similar hybrids in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
• Connections between the harp and guitar around 1800
• The history and development of lyre guitars, with a focus on instruments made in Germany

Jukka Savioki’s recent publications include: 

So that the Soul Would Dance in You. A book on the guitar’s history in Finland prior
to the twentieth century. See here.

Paul Sparks’ publications include:

An article about the pioneering British woman composer Clara Ross (1858-1954), was published in March 2015 as part of ‘Women’s History Month’, and is now available on the the Oxford University Press web site at

Samantha Muir’s recent publications include:

‘The Machete of Madeira: A British Perspective’, Revista Portuguesa de Educação Artística, Volume 11, No.2.2021, (pub. Dec. 2022). Full text available here:


The following can be found in the Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle 44 (2013): 1-18. See

Christopher Page, ‘The Spanish Guitar in the Newspapers, Novels, Drama and Verse of Eighteenth-Century England’

Research Chronicle

All articles below can be found in Early Music 41/4 (November 2013). See

Capture d’écran 2014-04-14 à 20.19.21Christopher Page, ‘New light on the London years of Fernando Sor, 1815–1822 ‘, Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 557-569.

James Westbrook, ‘Louis Panormo: ‘The only Maker of Guitars in the Spanish style’Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 571-584.

Andrew Britton, ‘The guitar and the Bristol school of artists’,Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 585-594 .

Erik Stenstadvold, “‘We hate the guitar’: prejudice and polemic in the music press in early 19th-century Europe”
, Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 595-604.

Jelma van Amersfoort, ‘The notes were not sweet till you sung them’: French vocal music with guitar accompaniment, c.1800–1840‘, Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 605-619.

 Paul Sparks, ‘Clara Ross, Mabel Downing and ladies’ guitar and mandolin bands in late Victorian Britain’,Early Music (2013) 41 (4): 621-632.

Articles in Soundboard 38/4 (2012), The journal of the Guitar Foundation of America:

The issue is for sale $10 ($7.90 to members of the Guitar Foundation of America) plus $4 postage and handling,


Erik Stenstadvold,  ‘”The Worst Drunkard in London:” The Life and Career of the Guitar Virtuoso Leonard Schulz’

Thomas F. Heck, ‘The Vogue of Chitarra francese in Italy: How French? How Italian? How Neopolitan?’

Richard Savino, ‘The Enigmatic Miguel Garcia, or, Padre Basilio Part II: Newly Discovered Works and a Dilemma for the Modern Transcriber’,

Paul Sparks, ‘”A Considerable Attraction for Both Eyes and Ears:” Ladies’ Guitar and Mandolin Bands in Late Victorian London’

James Westbrook, ‘General Thompson’s Enharmonic Guitar’

Christopher Page, ‘An Essay of 1824 on the Guitar’

Panagiotis Poulopoulos, ‘The Influence of Germans on the Development of “This Favorite Instrument the Guittar” in England’

Early Music 42/1 (February 2014): 85-93. See

Thomas F. Heck, ‘Guitarists in the balconies and rafters: the musical frescoes of Genoa’s Spinola palaces’

Capture d’écran 2014-04-20 à 20.48.05

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