A New Complete Edition of the Guitar Music of Fernando Sor

Our Founder Member Erik Stenstadvold has now released a new critical edition of Fernando Sor’s collected guitar music, published by Guitar Heritage (www.guitarheritage.com).

This edition, in 14 volumes, is based on the latest research into Sor’s composing and publishing activity. New knowledge about the various early versions of his music has resulted in this edition, in many cases, being modelled on different sources than those used by other modern editors. A thorough General Introduction to the music and a full critical apparatus are provided to each volume. There are also abundant notes on the individual pieces, frequently with suggestions for the performance of ornaments and other interpretative matters. Notation has been standardized to conform to modern practices with high-quality engraving. A discreet (and easily distinguishable) editorial fingering has been added as a service to guitar players of today.

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