New publications 2020

The latest issue of Soundboard Scholar (nr 6, 2020), the only peer-reviewed journal of guitar studies, published by the Guitar Foundation of America, includes two articles by members of the Consortium and an excellent  review of the recent book on the guitar in Finland by one of our newly elected members, Jukka Savijoki. The articles are by Erik Stenstadvold, “Sor’s Guitar Music—a Fresh Start”, presenting the background to his new edition of Sor’s works for guitar, and Damián Martín Gil, “Unraveling the Discussion entre les Carulistes et les Molinistes (Paris, 1828)”.  The review of Jukka’s book So that the Soul Would Dance in You is by Kenneth Sparr. The issue can be ordered here. Articles can be ordered here.

With the publication of The Guitar in Georgian England: A Social and Musical History (Yale University Press, 2020)  Christopher Page has completed the trilogy of books on the guitar in England he began in 2010.

More information can be found here.

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