The ‘Cohort for Guitar Research’

In April 2017 a new research group, The Cohort for Guitar Research, met in the Old Library of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, to hear a range of excellent papers (and in several cases some fine performances) by scholars and instrument makers. For the titles of the papers, see the Colloquia page. The new group is affiliated to the Consortium and is principally for younger and early-career scholars, (though it is not restricted to them) who have reached the judging stage for election to the Andrew Britton Fellowship. Under normal circumstances, the Cohort will meet in alternate years when there is no Consortium meeting. The photograph shows Sarah Clarke, Miles Henderson Smith, Reggie Lawrence, Samantha Muir, Martin Damian Gil, Jan van Cappelle, Nicoletta Confalone, Jelma van Amersfoort, Erik Stenstadvold, James Westbrook, Thomas Heck, Paul Sparks, Gerhard Penn, Luis Briso de Montiano, Taro Takeuchi, Brian Jeffery and Christopher Page.

Participant Jan van Cappelle wrote an excellent report of his experiences, which can be read here.



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